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Election Letter: “Read my lips, no new taxes” or in this case no tax increases

Unrealistic promises made by aspiring politicians are now being heard in Orange from the Democratic candidate for First Selectman.   His plan:  Spend down our rainy day fund to address town issues and projects while not raising taxes.

You have to be living under a rock not to see the impact that the sudden rise in inflation is having everywhere, including Orange.  I filled up at the gas station and paid $3.46 a gal.  This time last year it was around $2.00 gal.  The price of home heating oil has nearly doubled from a year ago.  The price for most everything has gone up.

So don’t tell me that you will be able to properly support our schools and town services, continue work on improving infrastructure and other “town issues” without raising taxes.  Is this his inexperience showing or just a new politician saying anything to get elected?

I support Jim Zeoli for many reasons but one important reason is that he is straight with us.  He doesn’t promise that taxes won’t increase even if he takes a political hit for it.  Maybe taxes won’t have to be increased, but Jim won’t make that promise just to get elected.

Jim and his Board of Finance have done a great job keeping our taxes as low as they can.  Jim and his team have­ my vote.

Debbie Esposito

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