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Election Letter: No Better Person for Town Clerk Position than Mary Shaw

It is with tremendous enthusiasm that we offer our support to Mary Shaw in her bid for the position of Town Clerk of Orange.  We have known Mary for more than 30 years and recognize her as among our town’s most caring and community minded individuals.  We can think of no one better to assume the role so long held by the highly regarded and bipartisan supported Pat O’Sullivan.

Whether you know Mary from her years of amazing service to Race Brook School and the PTA, her ongoing contributions to the Paugusset Club, her dedicated administrative service at the Orange Town Hall or the Orange Board of Education, or as a giving neighbor or friend, you know that Mary is an outstanding human being.  As Town Clerk, we have no doubt that she will proudly serve all Orange residents, with the passion and commitment she brings to everything she does.

Though Mary may not have worked for the U.N., she has always worked on behalf of so many of us right here in Orange.  We hope that you will join us in supporting Mary Shaw, Jim Zeoli, and the entire Republican Party this November.


Nick and Nancy Bencivengo

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