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Election Letter: Mary Shaw is the Right Fit for Town Clerk

It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to have published The Orange Town News for the past 16 years.  During that time, our community newspaper has covered many municipal elections, and while I have never felt strongly enough to write a personal letter of endorsement for a candidate, I must make an exception for this year’s election cycle.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Shaw in her position as Administrative Assistant to the First Selectman for 8 years.  I have found Mary to be courteous, caring and most importantly competent in all my dealings with that office.  In addition, Mary has been of great help to me in organizing the Independence Day Concert and Fireworks festival held each year on the fairgrounds.  She is one of the sincerest, community minded individuals I have dealt with in municipal government.

Mary has the proven skills, experience and personal attributes necessary for the position she seeks.  I cannot think of a better fit for that position than Mary Shaw.  I am confident that she, when elected, will continue to carry out her duties with her usual grace, and the same commitment that she has brought to the many community events she has been involved with.

Please consider Mary Shaw (6B) on this year’s ballot for the office of Town Clerk,


Rocky Salperto, Publisher – Orange Town News

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