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Election Letter: Experience Matters

I am writing in regards to Connor Deane running for the highest office in the town.  Can someone please tell me what he has done for this town?  What boards has he served on?  What PTA meetings or school events has he participated in?  What food drives has he helped with?  What committees has he volunteered for in town?  Has he helped out with the Carnival or Fair?  Ok so he has a business…ok great but so do many citizens of Orange.  His is in Fairfield?  What covid things has he helped Orange to improve on?  Did he participate in vaccination day signing people up in town or making phone calls?  I mean, when I look at a candidate, I think to myself…ok this person has done a lot or participated in a lot…something…anything????  Connor Deane has done absolutely nothing.  While I appreciate the thought of him thinking he is running for office he may want to participate in some town committees or perhaps volunteer before he assumes a leadership role running for Selectman of Orange.  It’s so easy to sit back and think you can judge what others have done especially when you have zero experience in doing anything in this town.  We have an amazing town with great things including our Triple A rating; our schools, and the many diverse groups of people that move to Orange.  Let’s keep it that way and not destroy it by voting for someone who has zero experience.

Chantelle Bunnell

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