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Eagle Project Completed at Holy Infant Church

On Saturday, July 10, 2021, Benjamin Cap from Boy Scout Troop 12 completed his eagle project at Holy Infant Church, focusing on beautifying the outdoor front right wing section of the church. In late summer 2020, Ben met with Fr. Norman at Holy Infant Church to discuss a few ideas he had for his eagle project.  Fr. Norman was thrilled that Ben thought of doing a project at Holy Infant Church first before pursuing other locations in town.  Ben and Fr. Norman both agreed the best idea was a major beautification project that would involve raising thousands of dollars and would need a lot of pre-planning and precise material ordering.  If you remember last summer, we were in the middle of the covid crises situation and fundraising was going to be extremely tough for Ben.  Through many announcements at weekly masses and articles in the church bulletins, as well as online posts, Ben was able to raise over $2,500 to cover the costs of materials for the project.  Ben collected and returned recyclable cans and bottles throughout the past year to specifically use those funds towards drinks and food on the day of his eagle project workday (7/10/21), which kept all the helpers well hydrated, and provided them with lunch.  Ben’s smart advanced planning resulted in successful completion of this major project on July 10th!

Throughout the planning process, Ben worked with many vendors to get the best pricing and quality for his project.  According to Ben, “Home Depot in Orange was a pleasure to work with.”  Ben worked with June from the front desk several times who helped and walked Ben through ordering every item he would need for his project.  “She was awesome to work with,” Ben said.  “She literally walked around with me in the garden center looking at each item and taking notes.  She made sure I had every item delivered and that everything was correct.  I learned how important these people are to us when we need help,” Ben said.  Ben stated that he could not be happier with the Home Depot team who provided top-notch assistance, from June in customer service, to Jose in the garden center confirming correct materials and quantities for his project, and Chris who also had a friendly smile and provided direction on who to speak to – all went above and beyond to help.  “I couldn’t be any happier with the three of them,” stated Ben.

Ben started the onsite beautification project back in May 2020 by contacting Call Before You Dig.  After he had everything marked out, he was able to create his final drawing and layout of where everything would be built and planted.  Ben, along with his family, spent several days at the work site after school and started cutting down the overgrown bushes and cleared the entire site out.  He made sure he had everything cleared and ready to go for the big workday on Saturday, July 10, 2021.  On the morning of 7/10/21, Ben and his family arrived at Holy Infant Church at 7:15 am, all ready to work.  Shortly after, scouts, leaders, friends, and other family members arrived and started to assist Ben with completing his planned project of refreshing/improving the look at Holy Infant Church.  “Thank you to everyone who donated and/or helped me throughout my project,” Ben said.  “I feel like I put in so many hours and it paid off with giving it all back to the church in our community.”

The following Troop 12 members assisted Ben on his project:  Tim Cap, Nate Milea, Nick Massey, Jason Byun, Zack Geramia, Ken Gunun, Brendan Zeigler, Pete Zeigler, Vicky Cap and Jeff Cap. In addition, Ben received assistance from other family members as well.

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