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From the Desk of the Municipal Agent: 4/8/16

Spring has sprung and while a young man’s fancy turns to love, we here at Community Services are working and training hard to run at the Ragnar. We are committed to running those 200 miles. As the days get longer and the time gets closer we have all upped our mileage. Dennis, Aubry and Denise are running daily to get in shape.

What would runners be without the proper nutrition? We have adapted our meals and caloric intake so that we will be at our optimum weight to take on any and all competitors. We will not let the Cape beat us! It is 200 miles or bust. We will return Victors!

Also, it is still not too late to make a donation. This event is a major fundraiser for our Food and Fuel Bank. We are looking forward to running across the finish line in Provincetown with the Orange Flag held high.

Onto victory!!!

By Denise Stein

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