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From The Department of Public Works: Recycling

Just a few gentle reminders regarding the Orange Recycle program:

The Recycle bins that have been issued to Orange homes belong to the Town of Orange and must stay with the home. When a family moves, the bin is to stay with the home. If a bin is taken from the home, it is the responsibility of the new home owner to purchase a bin. New bins cost $50.00 per bin. If anyone requires a second bin, they can be ordered by calling the Public Works Department at the same cost.

Please do not overstuff bins. Break down and cut up cardboard boxes before placing them in the bins. Also, plastic shopping bags are not recyclable items. A list of recyclable items is available at

Please place your bins out on the curb the night before your designated day. Place bin at the end of the driveway where the pavement begins, bin opening toward the street. If the bin is too far, the recycle truck may not be able to reach it. Placement of bins should be at least 4 feet away from obstacles such as mailboxes, trees, stone walls, cars, snow piles, fire hydrants and other objects obstructing the lifting and dumping arm on the recycle truck.

The town’s transfer station has recycling stations available for large items that do not fit in the bins or if you missed your day and cannot wait until next week. If a Holiday falls on your recycle day, bins will be picked up the following day. Transfer station hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8am – 4:30pm; and

Tuesday and Thursday 8am – 2pm.

If you should have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 203-891-4712 or at

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