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CT Green Party Announces Justin Paglino, Md, Phd, as Candidate For US Congress

Justin Paglino, MD, PhD. is a doctor and scientist who has worked as a virologist and cancer researcher.  He is a graduate of Brown University, Brown University School of Medicine, completed residency in Laboratory Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital, and obtained his PhD in virology from the Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Justin has been the recipient of several Fellowships and Grants to fund his research, including a five-year award from the National Cancer Institute.  His research has been published in journals including the Journal of Virology, and Cell and presented at conferences of the American Society for Virology, among other professional associations.

In 2005 he received the Paul E. Strandjord Young Investigator Award from the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists.

He lives in Guilford with his wife Jill and their 2 children.

As a scientist, a doctor, a parent, and a concerned human being, Justin is passionate that good health and good health care should be available to all.  Justin believes that making Medicare4All a reality will only be possible if new people are elected to office with a new agenda.  He has not run for political office before, but chose to campaign for office because he feels Americans deserve to have Medicare4All, a policy that enjoys the support of 80% of Democrats and over half of all Americans.  He believes that voters in this district have the right to have Medicare for All represented on their ballot on November 3rd.  Justin believes if you can’t vote for something, you’ll never get it.  Justin also supports Ranked Choice Voting, science-based public health policies, clean energy, peace when possible, and a fair economy.

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