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Crossing Over, Hiking Challenge and a New Cubmaster

Crossing Over, Hiking Challenge and a New Cubmaster

Pack 922 has been busy over the past few months.  On March 27th we held our Blue and Gold banquet where we watched the Arrow of Light Scouts crossover to Scouts Troops in both Milford and Woodbridge.  We also celebrated our younger scouts earning their rank badges and moving forward with their journey in cub scouts.  As the pack moves forward so does our leadership.  Our long-time cubmaster Brian Cleveland will be stepping down as his son moves forward to Scouts.  Brian will still be a den leader in the Pack for next year as he brings our new Arrow of Light Scouts to the end of their time with Pack 922.  Jessica Zamachaj, a current den leader, will step up and take on the role of Cubmaster as the school year closes.

Starting April 9th, Pack 922 began this year’s Sky’s the Limit Hiking Challenge with a trip to West Rock’s Lake Wintergreen trails.  We continued our outdoor journey at Sleeping Giant on April 22nd.  The Pack will offer all 20 hikes to the scouts throughout the summer and fall in hopes they can receive the medallion from the DEEP.

  1. The Arrow of Light Scouts with the Cub Scout Leaders and new Scout leaders
  2. New Cubmaster, Jessica Zamachaj being announced and receiving the Cubmaster Patch
  3. Scouts enjoying the nice weather while hiking at Lake Wintergreen

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