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Contractors Now Face Fees for Leaf Dumping

Contractors Now Face Fees for Leaf Dumping

Contractors dropping leaves at the town transfer station are now facing a fee after the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a request from Town Engineer Robert Hiza.  He asked the selectmen to consider acting on charging contractors for leaf disposal at the town’s transfer station at its January meeting.

“Bob feels strongly about this,” First Selectman James Zeoli said.  “He asked around to see what neighboring towns were doing and he thinks that $45 a load for a large contractor’s size dump truck and $25 for a box on a pickup-size truck would be in line with other towns.”

The town saw a large influx this past fall from contractors disposing of leaves and fall debris at the transfer station since two other recipients—the City of West Haven and Sound View Landscaping—were charging a significant amount.  Before the change, contractors could purchase a permit to dump debris at the transfer station, but paid no fee for dumping the leaves.  “Many are not coming from within the town of Orange, and that is okay because they have bought a commercial dumping permit,” Zeoli said.

Selectwoman Judy Williams said, “I have to applaud Mr. Hiza because he really has done his homework and I agree.  We see the tonnage doubled in one year and that’s got to tell you that everyone else is coming to Orange because we’re not charging.  It does take manpower to move the leaves and it requires use of our equipment, so I think we should get on the bandwagon with everybody else and charge.”

“This should be effective immediately, since contractors are starting to come in for their permits for spring cleanups,” Zeoli said.  There will be no money collected at the transfer station—contractors’ loads will be tracked and the town will send a bill.

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

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