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Connor Deane Seeks Democratic Nomination For First Selectman Of The Town Of Orange

Orange native, Connor Deane will seek the nomination of the Orange Democrats as their candidate for First Selectman of the Town of Orange.

“For nearly thirty years, Orange has been my home. This town has instilled in me the value of hard work, the power of community and the need to give back. That’s why I’m running for First Selectman” said Deane.

Connor moved to the town at the age of four with his parents, Tim and Elizabeth Deane. He attended Turkey Hill School and the Amity schools, along with his younger siblings, Murphy and Mac. Connor’s middle name, Ferguson, is from his mother’s side. His late grandparents, Eileen and Bill Ferguson, raised five children in town, and most notably started one of Connecticut’s first hockey stores, All-Sports. Many of his family members still reside in Orange.

Upon graduating from University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Connor founded Broadway Method Academy, a non-profit musical theater training program for young artists. Today, he serves as the Executive Director of the organization, which is partnered with the famed Westport Country Playhouse. “As a small business owner, I bring perseverance, grit and leadership skills,” said Deane.

“My first introduction to Connor Deane was also my first introduction to Amity theater, when I attended the Amity production of “Les Misérables” (one of my favorites!). Years later, our paths would cross again as Connor reached out to me about running for office. It was then that I learned his mom is Beth Ferguson, and his uncles and I all attended school together from Race Brook School through Amity”, said Jody Dietch, Chair of the Orange Democratic Town Committee.

“Our young generation too often gets type cast as lazy and indifferent. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Connor represents a generation who is informed and energized to make a difference in their communities. Connor has shown that success can be achieved before age 30! Connor achieved his success with hard work and perseverance. He built a thriving organization doing what he loves and helping others to fulfill their dreams. That experience not only has given him business acumen but empathy for others. Leadership isn’t just about winning elections. Leadership is respecting others and showing the way to a better future. I am so proud to support Connor Deane as our next First Selectman in Orange,” Dietch said.

Deane said he’s excited to bring his ideas to the table and get the chance to meet with Orange voters. “Orange has been an anchor in my life. I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to give back.”

Deane will seek the nomination from the Democrats at their caucus this July.

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