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Cindy Wolf Boynton – State Representative 117th District

My name is Cindy Wolfe Boynton. I live and grew up in Milford, and I’m running for State Representative in the 117th District because I believe residents of Milford, Orange and West Haven deserve a better legislator who will fight for all of us, and because I believe all of us deserve a better Connecticut.

My parents, shown here at their home in West Haven, are two of the many reasons I am running for State Representative.

I spent many years fighting for my parents to receive the social services they needed so they could live safely at home as their health declined. However, the overly complex Medicare/Medicaid system unfairly denied them the benefits promised to those who spend their lives working hard and paying taxes.

Because of this, what should have been some of my parents’ happiest years were some of their most fraught. They watched as not just their bank account neared $0.00 because of the home healthcare aides we needed to keep them safe, but mine as well, as each month I took over paying for their aides, bills, groceries and other necessities after their Social Security and pension money ran out.

Our seniors deserve our respect, our care, and the government services they were promised. They do not deserve to be abandoned by the system they supported and trusted, like my parents were, when they are at their most vulnerable. Yet it happens to seniors everywhere, every day.

As your State Representative, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure that no elderly residents, or their loved ones, struggle as my parents and I did.

As an adjunct college English and Communications professor at the Yale School of Medicine, University of New Haven, Quinnipiac University, Housatonic Community College, and the Paier College of Art, I’m also already seeing the devastating effects our current state budget situation is having on the students who are our future—particularly on those who attend Housatonic.

Opportunity is what Connecticut’s state and community colleges are all about. However, because of state budget cuts, our students already are experiencing higher tuition rates, decreased financial aid, fewer class choices, and a noticeable decrease in the academic support services that without, many students have no chance of succeeding.

Ensuring that every dedicated student receives the higher education he or she deserves, and is willing to work for, will be one of my focuses as a State Representative. The result will be good-paying jobs for the graduates and much-needed skilled employees for Connecticut businesses.

Professionally, I am also an award-winning writer and editor whose background includes more than 11 years as a reporter and editor for the Milford Citizen and Elm City Newspapers; 15 years as a regular correspondent for The New York Times; and nine years as editor of Better Health magazine. I’m the author of two local history books, “Remarkable Women of Hartford” and “Connecticut’s Witch Trials: The First Panic in the New World,” as well as a playwright. My one-woman plays “Right Time to Say I Love You” and “Dear Prudence” both made their premieres at New York City’s United Solo Theatre Festival, with Right Time continuing on for performances that took me to Brighton, England, and one of the largest theater festivals in the world—exciting!

While I am a nearly lifelong resident of Milford, I feel like the Oyster River section of West Haven, part of the 117th District, is very much a second home. Like pretty much every Wolfe in my family, I lived in my grandparents’ house on Pauline Avenue in West Haven for several years, and I grew up on stories about my great-grandparents’ farm, and my family’s life, at Oyster River.

My husband Ted and I are parents of two sons, Teddy, 23, and Steven, 19. Teddy lives in Brooklyn, NY, while he earns a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Pace University, and Steven lives at home while he earns an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Housatonic Community College and figures out which four-year college to attend to earn his Bachelor’s Degree. Ted runs the in-school suspension program at Jonathan Law High School and is a longtime high school football coach and Key Club advisor.

A long-time volunteer for the Beth El Homeless Shelter, Boy Scouts, Milford Speaks Out, and other organizations, I am also president of the Connecticut chapter of the National Organization for Women because, like poet Audre Lorde said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

Justice, equality, respect, possibilities, and opportunities. These are things I believe every one of us deserves—no matter our gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. As your State Representative, I will fight every day for the lives, rights, freedom, and future of those who live in the 117th District and throughout Connecticut.


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