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Chinmaya Ashram To Host Unique Ekadasha Sahasra Shivalinga Archana On May 11

A special, first-of-its-kind Maha Puja in Connecticut – Ekadasha Sahasra Shivalinga Archana will be performed at the Chinmaya Ashram (393 Derby Avenue, Orange) on Saturday, May 11, from 8 AM to 8 PM.  For this sacred puja, 12,276 natural clay Shivalingas will be made by devotees and arranged to depict Kailasa.  All are invited to perform this special puja and seek Uma Parameshwara’s blessings for health, wealth and happiness in this New Year.  Dress code for devotees performing this puja:  Sari/Salwar for women and Dhoti/Kurta Pajama for men.  Free lunch and dinner will be served to all attendees.  To register for this puja, please contact Prashanti Reddy at 203-654-1847 or Priest Hanuman Prasad at 469-422-4488.  For more information, visit

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