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Charles Flynn IV

Charles Flynn IV

Why am I running for the Orange Board of Selectmen? I believe the business of Orange is education, which must once again become our Town’s Priority. No matter your ethnicity, religion, age or background I have heard from you loud and clear: it is far past time that prioritizing education return to Orange.

Currently, I serve as Chairman for the Orange Elementary School district’s Buildings, Grounds and Security subcommittee, where I contributed to the schools opening fully in person during the 2020/2021 year, one of the few in the country to do so. In this capacity, I have watched years of modest, appropriate OESS budgets, yet a majority of OESS modest capital requests to support our infrastructure were denied by the Board of Selectmen’s Capital planning committee. As a Selectman, rather than ignore, I would PRIORITIZE proper capital funding of our aging OESS schools. Procrastination of regularly funded projects leads to catastrophic financial consequences in the future. I have an extended history of supporting responsible budgets that bring value to our town.

I opposed the devastating $500,000 budget cut to the Orange Elementary Budget in 2020, as well as calls for increasing class sizes during the pandemic. A town that can find millions for a private golf course needs to rediscover its priority: our children’s future. As subcommittee Chairman, I have overseen the development of a preventative maintenance plan to maintain our schools for the future in a fiscally responsible manner. This only works with regular contributions from our Town Resources. As a Selectman, I won’t ignore smart, reasonable, cost saving investments in Orange’s infrastructure.

Additionally, I continue working hard with my talented colleagues on the Orange Playground Committee to bring a full-time Playground to Fred Wolfe Park. My wife Erin and I have three children in the Orange and Amity schools. I have volunteered for the Orange Country Fair, coached for Orange Little League & Orange Youth Soccer, and currently serve on the Board of Ryan’s Rebels, a charity supporting children and their families who are battling neuroblastoma.

Maybe you fished next to me as a child on Opening day of Trout Season at Cedarcrest. Maybe you sat next to me in the waiting room at Dr. Zelson’s. We may have cheered our children together playing soccer, lacrosse, golf or in the pool. With your vote, we can redefine Orange’s future. Let’s go.

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