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Charles Ferraro – 117th District State Representative Candidate Profile

Charles Ferraro – 117th District State Representative Candidate Profile


It has been an honor to serve my first term as your State Representative. I have endeavored to keep my campaign promises and pursue policies and legislation that will put Connecticut back on the right track.

As your advocate, I voted against Gov. Malloy’s 2015 budget that contained irresponsible spending and large tax increases. I have opposed costly unfunded mandates and policies that drive businesses and good jobs out of Connecticut.

This in no way means that I do not support important programs, as my opponent would have you believe. In fact, the alternative budget I supported did a better job funding programs like education, without tax increases or increasing the deficit that we have been burdened with. Unfortunately, the majority party Democrats were unwilling to consider our proposals and compromise. We would be better off today if they had.

As your Representative, I have co-sponsored bills and worked across the aisle to help our citizens. These bills include aid for Veterans, the funding of services for the intellectually/developmentally disabled, and helping consumers. I have supported bills that help protect battered women, and restored funding for key programs while fighting to reduce waste. I have worked to protect state education aid to our public schools. Even more could be done for our citizens if Connecticut’s economy wasn’t one of the worst in the country.

Advocating for my constituents has been an important part of the job during my first term as your State Representative. I also take very seriously my responsibility to turn our state’s economy around, but we are too often blocked by career Democrat-majority politicians who refuse to change their “business as usual” policies.

Although Democrats are touting a budget with “no tax increases,” the reality is that by cutting municipal aid and education funding, they are merely shifting the tax burden to local communities. During the budget mitigation debate, I watched critical Republican amendments that I supported, voted down by the Democratic majority. These included a proposal to substantially reduce taxpayer money used to fund political campaigns, in order to preserve funding for mental health services and child protection programs that addressed such critical issues as abuse, neglect and family violence.

I was saddened to join West Haven residents as they protested the closing of the West Haven Mental Health Clinic adult services program due to budget cuts. The closing of this important community asset could have been avoided with proper management of our state budget, and the setting of proper priorities. Please join me as I fight to improve our economy, lower taxes and make Connecticut a better place to live and work.

State Representative Charles Ferraro is running for his second term representing the 117th General Assembly District – Milford, Orange, and West Haven. Charles serves on the on the Legislature’s Appropriations, Human Services and Public Safety and Security Committees.


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