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Career Fair Held At Amity Middle School In Orange

Career Fair Held At Amity Middle School In Orange

How many times have parents asked and children pondered the following question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”  Amity Middle School in Orange brought this question front and center when a Career Fair was held in the school gymnasium on March 30th.  Over thirty professions were represented with half the presenters being parents, former parents, and former students.  The goal of this event was to give all students not only an opportunity to become aware of a possible career, but also to speak to someone already in that field.  Some of the vocations represented were:  dog trainer, art therapist, dentist, attorney, realtor, weatherman, and actor.

The Career Fair occurs every other year and has been held for over a decade at Amity Middle School in Orange.  Based on the enthusiasm of the students, the fair will be a mainstay event.

Cake Decorator:  Presenter, Brook Derosa

Students:  Bella Costanzo, Sophia Vitiello, McKenzie Martin, Julianna Barrett

Operating Nurse:  Presenter,Lucy Palmucci

Students:  Jayden Benichak, Avery Palmucci, Hannah Chen

Orange Fire Department:  Presenter, James Vincent and Tim Borer

Students:  Marissa Angerame Green, Caitlyn Carrier

Actor and Magician:  Presenter, Steven Miller

Students:  Jacob Ebert, Ryan Kelly, Lily DeMaio, Casey Smith, Molly Stratford

Physical Therapist:  Presenter, Carol Galloway

Students:  Kyle Grande, Matt Wezenowski, Maggie McDonald, Lily Kaempffer

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