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Build A Better Birdhouse For The Orange Country Fair

Build A Better Birdhouse For The Orange Country Fair


It’s that time of year again. Put on your creative hat and come up with a plan for the Birdhouse Design Fun Department at the Orange Country Fair. Sponsored by the Orange Arts and Culture Council, this division, which continues to grow each year, attracts entries from young and old alike.

Birdhouses run from the simple to over-the top crazy and everything in between. They might be humorous, whimsical, colorful or just plain pretty. Materials can be anything from a log to a cardboard box to an elegant wooden mini-mansion birdhouse. If painting isn’t your thing, look around your house for materials that might enhance your design…artificial flowers, greeting cards cut up and glued on to the birdhouse, or get glitzy and use your old costume jewelry. Be imaginative and give the house a title or name that will bring a smile to those who see it. Entries are welcome from any individual – child or adult, group or family.

Birdhouses can be built from scratch or, if that’s more creative than you can handle, purchase an unpainted birdhouse and paint away. Glue buttons to your creation or cut out flowers from magazines. Children can use stickers or cut images out of magazines. All entries are welcome. Take a chance and enter an “object d’art”. “The level of expertise can range from pure amateur to expert,” said Liz Gesler, department superintendent. “The whole thing is meant to be fun, regardless of talent, so we hope more people will dive in and submit an entry.”

The Orange Country Fair will be held September 17 and 18. The birdhouse division is Birdhouse Fun Department 16. Entry blanks can be found in the fair book, which is available at the Town Hall and Case Memorial Library. Adult and Youth Entry blanks can also be downloaded from the web by going to Entry blanks can be found under the listing Departments.

Incorporated in 2006, the Orange Arts and Culture Council was founded to promote continuing artistic and cultural expression of all kinds, coordinating the efforts of arts and civic organizations to enrich the cultural life of our community.

For questions concerning the birdhouses, contact Liz Gesler at 203-795-5133.


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