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BOE Calendar Set for 2017-18 with Minimal Half-Days

BOE Calendar Set for 2017-18 with Minimal Half-Days

The Board of Education approved a calendar for the next school year that carries far fewer minimum days after hearing frustrations from parents who need to take time off from work or make arrangements for their children.  “I know we’ve talked about this in previous months.  One of the main goals that I have is to align ourselves as best as we can to Amity,” said Superintendent of Schools Vince Scarpetti.

“One thing that we’ve received feedback on is the amount of half-days that we have had, with some concern.  I go back to professional learning for teachers, it’s important, not that I want to put any parents out with what they have to do with leaving work and picking up their children on minimum days.  The insights that I have as the superintendent is to really make sure that the staff gets those professional development opportunities,” Scarpetti said.

“Next year, we’re doing things differently and only having half-days where it’s contractually obligated for parent-teacher conferences, and the days before Thanksgiving, and the holiday break,” he said, admitting that his proposal comes with a little bit of trepidation.  “I’m willing to try it out and see the impact, because we do have our Wednesday meetings where we can work with our teachers regarding professional learning.”

“I noticed that there were very few minimum days and I thought that was a wonderful thing to do.  Also, the fact that the first day of school is going to be a Wednesday as opposed to a Monday; that was something that I felt strongly about, that it’s hard to start little children with a whole five-day week,” said board member Betty Hadlock.

The board voted unanimously to approve the proposed calendar.  School will start on August 29 and end on June 11, barring any weather-related closures throughout the year.

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