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Board of Education Moves Forward with Lighting Project

Board of Education Moves Forward with Lighting Project

The Board of Education is considering a plan to install new LED lights throughout the district. A comprehensive lighting package drafted with Kingspan and Honeywell was brought to the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Education and then to the Board of Education. The total cost of the proposed project is $457,529 with total incentives of $189,470 with zero percent financing through the United Illuminating Company.

“Each year, with this, we’ll be saving on our electric bill roughly $84,511,” said Mike Luzzi, Facilities Director. The project would include changing all lighting across the district to LED.

“We’re at the tail end of our last five-year lighting project and the fail rate will begin to come and that will be a domino effect,” Luzzi explained. “There is a whole conglomerate of entities that we’re going to be putting into this package – it’s a comprehensive package that was presented to Buildings and Grounds.”

Luzzi drafted a letter of intent with United Illuminating to order the materials. The full board will vote on the actual contract at a meeting in January or February. “If there is a problem with the UI Company not being able to fulfill the obligation, there is no obligation on our end,” he said. “Not only will it save us dollars and cents every month, but also we’ll save on the maintenance side,” Luzzi said. The project would break even in roughly three years. The project would be done during the 2016-17 year.

This month, work is beginning on the installation of solar panels at the three elementary schools through a program funded by Connecticut Green Bank. There is no taxpayer expense with this project. The solar panels will ultimately generate savings and cut electric rates.

The 20-year project will pose no cost to the town for installation or maintenance. The panels will be installed by Stamford-based American Solar and Alternative Power.

“This is another good incentive that the district is going to be able to cash in on,” said Luzzi. “We’ll not only save by the kilowatt-hour at a reduced rate, we’ll generate and sell back electricity and also use this as an educational piece for the students at each school.”

The materials for this project have been delivered to the school and are being housed in storage trailers at each school. Principals urge parents and visitors to use caution when parking near these containers, and while driving through the parking lots. The work is not anticipated to impact teaching and learning.

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

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