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Board of Ed Seeks New Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Personnel

Board of Ed Seeks New Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Personnel

When the Board of Education launches its search for a new Director of Curriculum and Instruction this fall, they’ll be looking for candidates who will also oversee some aspects of personnel. In a split vote, the board approved the addition of ‘personnel’ to the title, but not without discussion.

“Dr. Scarpetti and our committee are looking into how we can make this process more efficient,” said Chairman of the Personnel and Policy Committee Christian Young. “In reviewing the personnel role under Interim Superintendent Nast’s tenure and Dr. Scarpetti’s, a question that pre-dated both came up: a question regarding central office roles and responsibilities, and ambiguity that can be refined.”

Colleen Murray’s departure from the Orange School District left hard shoes to fill, according to Young. “The vacancy provides us with an opportunity to look at the roles and responsibilities.” The committee met twice to discuss the open position in what Young calls lengthy and well-vetted meetings and as a result, the personnel committee recommended that the board change the name of the title and look to hire a Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel.

‘Personnel’ is currently overseen by Superintendent Vince Scarpetti, Administrative Assistant Marie Acampora and Business Administrator Mary-Jo Sierakowski. Adding the role of personnel to the director of curriculum and instruction means the position would be removed from the administrative union. “This person automatically can’t be in the administrative union and this allows administrators to be evaluated by someone other than me,” Scarpetti explained. “We would have that thorough line from the curriculum to the students, since personnel is so closely related to the curriculum.”

“This is a crucial position and we want to get the best of the best and by increasing the role, I would hope that it would mean even more qualified candidates,” Scarpetti said.

Board Member Jody Dietch expressed concern that the job would simply entail too much, “Personnel – that’s everyone in the district? I’m concerned that’s an awful lot as opposed to having a separate HR person. I’m worried about overwhelming someone and taking them away from the curriculum focus.”

Board Member Deanna Pucillo agreed, “I’m uncomfortable adding a big job to the position with how much time is needed to be devoted to curriculum and instruction.”

“The name change means the Director of Curriculum and Instruction would also assist Dr. Scarpetti as needed with personnel,” explained Young. “How much and which personnel is up to him. This is someone who would be working directly under him to assist.”

Said Scarpetti, “Each superintendent has a choice about where they find their organizational chart. One of the things I’ve been doing since I arrived here is collecting all of the roles and responsibilities. We’re not just looking at this position, we taking the opportunity and looking at all.”

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

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