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Ben Gettinger – 119th District State Representative Candidate Profile

Ben Gettinger – 119th District State Representative Candidate Profile


I am Ben Gettinger and I humbly seek your support on November 8. Why should you vote for me?

I decided to join this race not because I had designs on a life in elective office or visions of a career in politics, quite the contrary. Two years ago I had no plans to run for statewide office. I have deep roots in this community, having grown up in Milford with many uncles, aunts and cousins living in Milford and Orange, and it was my neighbors and friends across the community that asked me to run saying, “we need someone up there that gets us”. I decided to run because, like them, I watched the craziness of Hartford, the lack of civility and common sense. I watched and watched and it only seemed to get crazier. Finally, I decided, I was done watching; it was time to do something.

My community, the 119th district, is made up of moderate, reasonable people and we are not being represented the way we should be. It seemed that powerful lobbyists’ interests were being heard more than we were. Take for example, I am a licensed hunter and unabashed supporter of the 2nd amendment, but like the majority of folks in the district I believe that reasonable and measured safeguards, such as universal background checks, are important. I (along with almost everyone else that knew about it) was very much in favor of the recent bill protecting victims of domestic violence from their abusers by prohibiting their abusers from having guns when a restraining order is issued against them. My opponent was not in favor of the bill. She voted against it.

My opponent seemed more concerned with reducing sales tax for expensive jewelry than she did with removing guns from violent abusers. She voted to slash the sales tax on jewelry sales exceeding five thousand dollars. Now, I don’t know who she’s talking to in this district, but I have not had one person come up to me to complain about the sales tax on luxury jewelry. It’s not one of our priorities. We are made up of hardworking individuals who are concerned about everyday issues, such as lowering taxes that actually impact us, keeping our community safe, having excellent schools for our children and getting Connecticut’s economy back on track. Arming violent abusers or discounting expensive jewelry are positions that are out of step with the district.

My mission will be to represent the interests of my district and only the interest of my district. I will take sensible and reasonable positions that protect and improve the lives of the people and neighborhoods in Milford and Orange. I will spend my time working on measures that improve the economy, strengthen our schools and keep our communities safe, issues that actually matter.

The reception I have received from the voters in my district has been overwhelming and inspiring, thank you. I have broad and diverse support, having been endorsed by the Democrat, Working Families and Milford Independent parties. I respectfully ask for the support of each and every voter in our 119th so that I may bring your voice, our voice, to Hartford.

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