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Arts Education for Children: Boosting Academic Performance & Enriching Lives

Arts Education for Children: Boosting Academic Performance & Enriching Lives

Arts in CT, a nonprofit organization from Milford, Connecticut, is dedicated to bringing a lifelong love of all things creative into the state’s many communities. With over 65 different course offerings available in a myriad of art forms, people of all ages and from all walks of life are given the opportunity to express themselves in ways that they may never have been able to otherwise.

Though Arts in CT’s programs are open to everyone, the organization has made sure to place a special focus on arts education for children. With many creative programs being cut or budgeted out of students’ lives, Arts in CT helps to provide the necessary and enriching outlet that the arts offer to these young people.

Many of Arts in CT’s programs are tailored to students with an emphasis on arts integration. Through music, visual arts (drawing, painting, and the like), dance, theater, and many other fields, children are taught not only how to apply themselves creatively and hone their skills as artists, but how to use these skills and concepts in the classroom. Math and music become linked. Historical events are tied to artistic movements. Confidence speaking in front of others is boosted.

Arts in CT’s instructors are board certified and trained in the national common core standards, to ensure that students receive the best education possible. Through arts integrated classes within schools and during after school programs, children will gain the tools necessary to succeed in the classroom and later on in life. These techniques have proven effective around the country, helping to boost academic achievement and reduce absenteeism in even the most disadvantaged districts[1]. As shown through a Mississippi State University research study, educational achievement gaps are reduced and test scores and ambition among students are raised when arts integration techniques are implemented in the classroom[2]. According to the study, by learning the content they have already processed during the school day in a different manner (in this case, through the arts), students spend more time immersing themselves in these ideas in a manner that encourages them to think critically and creatively. In this way, knowledge is learned and retained far past the date of any test a student may take.

To make certain that all students have the chance to take part, Arts in CT offers scholarships to those in need. The organization believes that all children should have the opportunity to dream and succee, nd does its best to make these hopes a reality.

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By Laura Hardt

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