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Amity Student Gives Back for His Birthday

Amity Student Gives Back for His Birthday

In early October, Larry Fonseca, a senior at Amity Regional High School decided to give instead of receiving for his birthday. He shared this with his parents and expressed his desire to make a positive impact in someone’s life. Since Larry had often heard stories from his grandmother about the conditions of school and lack of supplies for the children in Lajas de Yaroa, Dominican Republic. He decided that those children needed his help. So with the guidance of his mother they contacted the school and made arrangements to visit mid October.
Larry purchased many of the supplies that the school requested that he brings with the money he earned as an Orange soccer ref for the past four years. He also sought the support from the community, reaching out to Charles Dumais, the superintendent of the schools, setting up a donation basket at Amity High School, and was able to send a mass email through the weekly distribution email. Larry also able to secured generous donations of dental supplies from Dr. Robert Kroepel of Orange and Dr. Thomas Braun of Fairfield.

On October 11, 2015, Larry and his mother, Charytin Fonseca, embarked on their trip to the Dominican Republic. They visited Lajas de Yaroa School, and provided the children with the much needed supplies of pencils, pens, crayons, calculators, Spanish to English dictionaries and much more. While at the school, Larry was also able to interact and purchase lunches for 150 children.

As the trip came to an end, Larry made a promise to maintain contact with the Principal and not only develop, but maintain a relationship in order to ensure future donations are made as there will always be a need. In a society we often are overcome and inundated with negativity, this give me hope for the youth of today, and it shows us that it doesn’t matter your age or your financial status anyone can make a difference, even the smallest of things can make a big impact.

Congratulations Larry on making a difference.

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