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Amity Powderpuff Win Against North Haven

On 11/25/19 Amity won its first powderpuff game against North Haven in 8 years!  To start off the game on the offensive side, quarterback Marissa Dwyer #35 tossed a right pass to running-back Madison Jennes #12 taking the ball along the outside giving Amity the lead in the first 10 minutes.  North Haven scored a touchdown in the middle of the first half giving them 8 points in the first, to tie the game.  Towards the end of the first half, Dwyer throws another pass this time to the left side for running-back Alex Plaza #6, who makes her way down the outside giving Amity a 16-8 lead.  At half time, Amity keeps that 16-8 lead, anticipated more than ever for that win!  Starting off the second half, North Haven is hungry for the spotlight.  They score a second touchdown of the game, missing their kick, giving them 14 points in the second.  In the middle of the second half, Dwyer hands off a dive pass down the middle of the offensive line for Jennes.  Not seeing a kb open gap, #12 runs the ball to the outside, getting around the defense and scoring her second touchdown of the game.  Not being able to keep up with Amity, North Haven uses their time outs to stop the clock and give them time to figure out a game plan.  Eventually, the time hits 1:00 and Amity feels the heat.  With 10 seconds remaining Amity takes its time to finish off the game, with a 24-14 win against North Haven.  “Nobody deserves this win more than Coach Bourdeau, he’s a role model and puts all of his time into making flag football the best possible experience for our seniors” – Madison Jennes.  Also, a huge thanks to the 4 other coaches (Kellogg, Twohill, Stokmal, and Wilson) and the managers who devoted so much time into the team.  Some star players today on defense for Amity included:  Payton Papa #30, Caitlin Carlson #16, Emily Brown #00, Ana Carney #92, and Macy Lyons #28.

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