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Amity Middle School in Orange Video Production Program

Amity Middle School in Orange Video Production Program

This year Amity Middle School in Orange (AMSO) has had a cadre of 8th grade students participating in a video production program run by former Amity student, Tristan Douglas.  The program was made possible by a grant from the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation (  Mr. Douglas met with the student cadre sixteen times over the course of the school year and introduced the students to the art of video production.  Students learned how to storyboard; set up and use a professional video camera and equipment; navigate the intricacies of filming a video; and much, much more.

Thanks to the Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation grant, the video production students were exposed to a wide array of learning opportunities.  AMSO does not currently have a course in video production like Amity High School does; however, many AMSO students are interested in that aspect of art and drama.  This opportunity was embraced wholeheartedly by the students.  The program was a resounding success; and if offered again next year, there are several seventh graders who are very interested in participating in it.

The final video will be shown at the AMSO Moving Up Ceremony in June and will be viewed by the nearly 900 people attending the ceremony.

Picture 1: A few AMSO video production students film the clapperboard in preparation for the scene (from left to right):  Camilla Bautista, Wil Gambardella, Anthony Giampa, and Larry Lambiase

Picture 2: Some of the AMSO students work with Tristan to set up the scene and equipment (from left to right):  Anthony Giampa, Ben Norodom, Tristan Douglas, Camilla Bautista, Wil Gambardella, Kerri Sanders, and Larry Lambiase (photograph by Kristin Leibrock)

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