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Amity Middle School Orange Student Wins Regional Essay Contest

Amity Middle School Orange Student Wins Regional Essay Contest

Amity Middle School Orange student, Jasmina Krehic (grade 8), has won the third annual New England League of Middle Schools essay contest.  The contest was done in partnership with the New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS).  This year’s topic was “What is it Like to be a Young Adolescent Today?”

In her essay, Jasmina tells us exactly how it is to be an adolescent, with the pressure of increased work at middle school, the responsibility to make good decisions and even more so, to learn from mistakes.  “It’s been a crazy wild journey on maturing and becoming a teenager, but I’m eager to make many more memories during this phase of my life,” Jasmina wrote.

One such memory was made in early September when NHMS representatives came to Amity Middle School with an official NASCAR race car to present with Jasmina 25 tickets to the upcoming featured NASCAR Monster Energy Series event in Loudon, NH.  The visit, which the entire student body was invited to attend, included a spin around the rear parking lot at the school with Jasmina grinning the whole time (as she is usually known for doing).

In her essay, Jasmina describes the stress and uncertainty that can come with being an adolescent:  “An unpleasant part of middle school is the stress of homework.  This is where the learning begins,” she wrote.  “As time flew by, it became pretty stressful doing all of my assignments while going to after school programs or activities.  However, I began to realize the benefit of this large amount of work.  I learned that school is supposed to prepare you for the real world and make you become a smart and successful human being.”

She learned that with adolescence comes a newfound sense of responsibility and the ability to make more decisions while acting independently.  “Being responsible at my age is a very tough job,” she wrote.  “I’ve faced many situations where I didn’t know what was the right and wrong thing to do.  In some, it led to negative consequences after making the wrong decision or action.  For instance, I’ve followed what others did in a group.  I immediately thought it was okay because they were doing it, too.  Although, I learned that I shouldn’t be a follower, but a leader.”

Jasmina also wrote about the ‘great’ aspects of being an adolescent.  “It’s the time where you get to explore brand new things and find yourself as a person.  Exploring can help you prepare for becoming an adult and you won’t have to take on all of the responsibility that comes with it.  For instance, I find myself trying new styles, making new friends, doing new activities, finding what makes me happy and even creating goals for myself.”

“This is a time where it’s okay to make mistakes because you can learn from them before you go into adulthood.  That’s one of the reasons being a teen is very special and exciting.  No matter how many errors you make at this point of your life or how many different phases you go through to finally find your true self, it will prepare you for entering the world of adulthood,” she wrote.

In conclusion, she wrote, “So, what’s it really like to be a young adolescent?  It’s a long journey filled with many flaws as well as great opportunities.”

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

Jasmina Krehic, Amity Middle School Orange 7th Grade teacher Sarah Sharkey; and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway mascot, Milo the Moose.

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