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Amity Middle School In Orange Government Day

Amity Middle School In Orange Government Day

On Wednesday, October 16th, students from Amity Middle School in Orange worked in the government offices for the Town of Orange.  Seventeen students were chosen to participate from 55 essays submitted to the contest.

Eighth grade social studies teacher, Jennifer Marganski, has coordinated this annual event for the past few years.  “Seventh and eighth graders were able to learn from Town Clerk, Pat O’Sullivan, how our democracy is an evolutionary process and that local government allows us to do collectively what we cannot do alone,” Marganski stated.

Jillian Barnes, an eighth grader, said, “It was a fun and educational experience.  I would recommend it to other students.”  Eighth grader, Raegan French, said, “I drive by the community center every day; and I never knew all the work that goes on inside [until participating in Government Day].”  Furthermore, eighth grader, Andie Napolitano, said, “Everybody [at the library] was so kind; and I loved every moment of it, especially when I got to help out with the kids.”  Finally, eighth grader, Taylor Thomas said, “It was fun!”  That seemed to be the overriding sentiment for the day; everyone enjoyed the experience.

Students also met with First Selectmen Jim Zeoli before spending time in their designated positions.  He explained that each department in local government is valuable; and together the departments create the town, of which the school is a vital part.

After spending the morning in their positions, the Student Council at Amity Middle School in Orange treated the students to lunch at Chip’s Family Restaurant.  Students were very grateful for the opportunity to shadow local leaders and spend the day actively learning about their town.

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