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Amity Fencing Takes Gold

Amity Fencing Takes Gold


boys-giving-coach-sandra-the-trophyThe Amity High School fencing team had an astonishing victory the weekend of April 23rd at the CT State High School Championships. This seventh seed foil team crushed the competition to merge triumphant and take home the gold. But wait! This isn’t just a sport story! It is a sports mystery!!! The average sports savant would believe, quite rightly, that in order to win at a statewide athletics competition that a school would actually need to have a team. And Amity High School does not have a fencing team.

Apparently some students at Amity have the bravado to overcome obstacles that might strike the rest of us as insurmountable. The winning team consisted of seniors Kadan Lottick, Cade Williams, and Tim Brown. Kadan’s sister Samantha had started the fencing club at Amity but was confronted with a bureaucratic roadblock. The Amity school staff complained that the fencing was too dangerous. This was despite presenting research data to the contrary that football, wrestling, and lacrosse are more dangerous. Fencing is one of the safest competitive sports comparable to swimming.* As a result the kids were not allowed to use fencing equipment or have the fencing club workout on school grounds. Despite these obstacles, in an ironic twist of fate, Samantha was injured in a gym class while playing the “safe sport” of dodge ball. Her ACL tear effectively crushed the hopes of the girls having a squad. Nevertheless the boys persisted. Practicing on their own at the Prospect Recreational Center and mentored by Prospect Fencing Club fencing coach Sandra Marchant, they honed their skills which they brought to the statewide high school team competition on March 12, 2016.

Unfortunately, having never engaged in team fencing competition before, they only brought three fencers with no alternates. This meant that they had to fence all of their bouts with no alternate to provide a rest. After their initial bouts they were exhausted. But after a pep talk from one of the captains, they rallied for the final bouts.

Though in theory, men’s and women’s foil, epee, and saber are of equal import, men’s foil is often the squad that high school and college coaches use to measure their mettle. Guilford and Fairfield tends to dominate the Men’s foil fencing competition. Guilford and Fairfield faced each other in the semifinal round. Fairfield managed to squeak out a victory from Guilford and looked as though it was on its way to another victory. But that was not to be! At this point the crowd rallied behind Amity as the underdogs. Even the Guilford team began to cheer for Amity in hopes of seeing their rival defeated by the underdog. Kadan Lottick successfully beat his opponent 5-4 in the last bout to bring home the victory over Fairfield.

And Amity High School brought home the gold with the team that Amity Administration did not know they had! Ironically, the team brought this good news to the Amity Athletic Director and Principal Anita Mohan who emphasized that these were individual accomplishments but not for a sanctioned sport at Amity. Therefore the team could not be recognized at the awards banquet. Kadan, Cade, and Tim hope that future Amity students will have more opportunities than they did.

For more information, visit Prospect Fencing Club or CT High School Fencing Association

In the pictures, the boy with glasses Kadan Lottick, the boy with bleached hair Cade Williams, the boys with curly brown hair Tim Brown, the man with beard Coach Robert Rosa.

In the other picture with boys giving coach Sandra their trophy, lady with long hair Coach Sandra Marchant.

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