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Absentee Ballots are Available for the Municipal Election

Absentee Ballots are Available for the Municipal Election

Orange Town Clerk Patrick O’Sullivan announced that Absentee Ballots for the November 3, 2015 municipal election will be available to electors starting on October 2, 2015. Pursuant to the Connecticut Constitution, if an elector is unable to appear in person at the polling place during the hours of voting, there are six reasons allowed for voting by a regular absentee ballot:

  1. Active service in the Armed Forces of the United States;
  2. Absence from town during all of the hours of voting;
  3. Illness;
  4. Religious tenets forbid secular activity on the day of the election;
  5. Duties as an election official at a polling place; and
  6. Physical disability.

O’Sullivan explained that it is a multiple step process and the elector needs to complete an Application for an Absentee Ballot. An elector can get an application from the (a) Town Clerk, or (b) download from the Secretary of the State website:, or from campaign worker who has registered with the town clerk’s office.

Town Clerk O’Sullivan stressed how important it is for the electors to follow the instructions for voting Absentee. THE BALLOT IS DOUBLE SIDED! THERE ARE 24 COLUMNS OF CANDIDATES!

  1. The first row contains the offices; Please note the number an elector is entitled to vote;
  2. Fill in the oval above the name of the candidate(s) completely;
  3. Put the completed ballot into envelope “B” sign, seal and date it;
  4. Put envelope “B” into envelope “C” and return to the Orange Town Clerk’s Office; the ballot must be received on or before Election Day.

The reason for the ballot going into envelope “B” and then going into envelope “C” is to protect the electors’ right of privacy.

Any questions contact:

Patrick O’Sullivan

Orange Town Clerk


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