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A Blue Green Story – 3-D Restorative Ocean Farming Mural!

A Blue Green Story – 3-D Restorative Ocean Farming Mural!

What is a Blue Green Story?  It’s a tale of how people and nature coexist.  It’s a tale of peoples’ respect and admiration of the ocean.  The Long Island Sound is a large part of the Greater New Haven Area, people go there for recreation, to swim, to play, or to just enjoy on the beach watching the animals.

In our mural, “A Blue-Green Story”, we captured the beauty of the Long Island Sound by combining commerce with the natural aspects of the environment.  We sought to show the interpersonal relationship between the people and the ocean.  This mural is about teaching and showing people the balance of wildlife and commerce in the New Haven Harbor, which is part of the Long Island Sound, through art.  Plus, throughout the journey of creating this mural we, the students learned a lot.  We learned about the environment and about a body of water not even 30 minutes away from us.

I believe that we accomplished our goal – the mural is whimsical, fun, but most importantly, it is a vision of how we want our harbor to look.  We hope that future students add to this mural and they have as much fun as we did in the process.

This particular Blue Green Story tells what we, the students, dream about the future of the harbor.  We envision a beautiful body of water where everyone can go to enjoy nature and industry working in harmony in the New Haven Harbor.  Our mural has many components that are already part of the Harbor that we wish will remain in the future.  Some examples of this is the old and new lighthouses, the tugboats, the wildlife.

The old lighthouse has a rich history, and allows people to experience nature in a very unique way.  The tugboats symbolize the commerce in the Harbor, which is an economic system of its own.

The students worked hard to achieve the end result, which is an amazing mural made by some 15 students, over the course of about 5 months.  As students we learned so much about the Harbor through this project.  We learned about how to incorporate 3-D Kelp Farming into our ceramic tile work expressing our reverence for the sea.  We also made 3-D kelp lines from hand-built clay.  Using a 3-D farming model means we help preserve the fishing grounds, utilize kelp in food, and also keeping our oceans clean by absorbing heavy metal toxins.

Our underwater design is whimsical yet accurate.  We hope through our mural that we inspire creativity and ingenuity for further generations to come.

 By Simron Jain, Student, Rebecca Casey, Teacher

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